Australia Tour in December 2023

Thank you always. I’m participating to Australia house dance community in December.🇦🇺


Richard(Australian brother)’s introduction • • • • • •
Taiki Term-inal @taikitmnl , 1 of Japan’s most famous House dancers’, leader, teacher, choreographer, DJ, & more, will be sharing his knowledge with Australia in December 2023

With over 20 years of dance training, battle knowledge, teaching experience, majestic choreographies, community leadership, & charming humour, teaching over 400 (1.5 hour) lessons per year, & delivering 50-plus showcases annually, associate professor of House dance Taiki is a MUST attend for ALL Dancers in Australia🇦🇺

Melbourne @lukeatchu
Brisbane @richardwangray
Sydney @fl0rencecheng
Perth @1ll_0ne

House Dance Australia 2023 on Fire!